RAVNICA | Then and Now

RAVNICA is a plane covered by a vast metropolis. Within the great city, ten guilds vie for power, each carving out its territory within the maze of buildings and alleyways hoping to gain the upper hand in an intricate planar chess match.

Over ten thousand years ago, a war tore across the plane of Ravnica. Ten armies battled for control of the plane, a conflict born of Order vs Chaos. It only ended with the creation of a magical contract of immense power known as the Guildpact was signed by the leaders of each of the ten guilds—ancient beings known as paruns—all of whom became the guildmasters of Ravnica. The Guildpact was created to ensure that the guilds would play specific roles within the infrastructure of Ravnica, allowing the city to grow and expand. Over the millennia, each guild gained mastery over the two colors of mana which shaped and molded it. This unique mana pair allowed the guilds to seek their own identities and destinies while remaining within the confines of the magically binding Guildpact. For 10,000 years, the city grew and flourished under this structure as the guilds evolved into unique and powerful forces.

But then, upon the Decamillennial Celebration, the Guildpact was broken, the ancient balance was shattered, and Ravnica was thrown into chaos…

[¿More?] Continue reading to discover what happened in Ravnica and what’s going to happen now, when we all… RETURN TO RAVNICA!

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