Sorin Markov

I should say that my favorite creatures in MTG are Vampires. Here I have 55 Vampire Cards that I found useful and way too cool!

Some info about Vampires:
Vampires are a dangerous type of undead. Whilst humans are the most common victims of vampirism, it can infect other species as well, including hounds and even dragons. Throughout the multiverse, vampires can be created through other vampires transforming their victims, or through enchantment.

The most defining characteristic of vampires is their hunger for the blood or lifeforce of others. Other traits of vampires can include unnatural physical strength, enhanced healing powers and the ability to fly, with the method of flight being through either natural or magical means. Many vampires are highly sensitive to sunlight and therefore only go out at night or in the shade, but this is not always the case. Regardless, the secretive and predatory nature of the creatures means that they all prefer the cover of darkness. Vampires can range from being mindless predators to sophisticated and intelligent nobles. The appearance of vampires is similarly varied, although they all have at least two elongated fangs and the more feral ones have bat-like qualities. [¿more?]

4 responses to “VAMPIRES

    • What do you mean with “bad enough”? Why “bad”?… and what’s the problem with the vampires? I mean, we’re not talking about something as bad as Twilight! =/

      • Maybe I wasn’t clear. I’m more of a traditionalist with dragons (western variety) and vampires. Dragons guard treasure, imprison maidens, and dine on valiant knights. One of my favorite monsters. A knight has trouble enough facing a dragon. You go and make the dragon a vampire so his trouble is multiplied several fold. I would not want to be the knight trying to take down a dragon-vampire.

        (It was not intended as a comment to bad mouth either dragons or vampires… I happen to like both–from a traditional perspective).

      • HAHAHA!! Tha’s so damn true. And MTG has lots of creatures [including some useless ones] so… a dragon vampire will be something I would totally kill for having! [just a saying]. I would be awesome.

        I’ll do a post with dragons one of this days. Actually, I’m going to post an art that I really liked and it has a dragon

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