In the fictional multiverse of the Magic: The Gathering, a planeswalker is a powerful mage, able to travel across the planes of existence. All players are planeswalkers; non-player planeswalkers are described in Magic’s back-story (which is represented in novels, starter-deck inserts, online articles and card flavor text), and with Lorwyn the first Planeswalker cards were introduced. Planeswalkers have a near-monopoly on travel between and knowledge of the various planes, though other powers capable of opening portals between worlds do exist. Only those with a rare and innate ability called the “planeswalker spark” can become planeswalkers. (The spark can be transferred from one being to another, but the process is highly dangerous and potentially fatal.) Only one individual in a million is given the spark. Even then, they must “ascend”, which usually occurs spontaneously during a time of great stress (most common being a form of horrendous death, e.g., the sylex blast or its aftereffects). This ascension, as well as the extraordinary amount of power at their fingertips, drives almost all planeswalkers insane over time. In an attempt to prevent this, most planeswalkers are tutored by older ones. Wilders, or planeswalkers that decide to travel the multiverse untutored, exist (Ravidel) but are often extremely dangerous and sometimes utterly insane. [continue reading…]

You can click the title of this post to access the official MTG [ES] post of known planeswalkers. But, there are two other planeswalkers that dunno have official cards but did their debut in Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012. Those planeswalkers are: Kiora Atua and Ral Zarek. Kiora is a blue and green-aligned merfolk and Ral is a blue and red-aligned human.

If you’re adventurous enough you can check the lists of MTG characters ‘HERE‘. I do warn you: Lists are organized alphabetically and they are huge; all of them! So, I’m gonna share with you the actual Planeswalkers Cards.

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